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At 3D Motorsport we have in house a Sun Ram 12 chassis dynamometer. This is a very versatile system that uses an air cooled eddy current retarder capable of resisting 300hp... Nm of torque.

A rolling road is a very measurable and scientific way of balancing an engine's three main requirements of air, fuel and ignition timing to their optimum under a fair test environment.

We use two 4 gas analysers monitoring CO, Co2, HC's, Lambda and the air fuel ratios, and other plug in systems specific to individual manufacturers.

It has a circular air system blowing cool air at the front of the car (with adjustable flow rates to acurately simulate different road speeds) and two extractors from the rear, one for exhaust gases and the second sucking air through from the front to prevent buffeting and heat soak.


Vehicles and applications

Any race, rally or road car, any fuel, fornt or rear wheel drive, with or without an LSD. We can adapt a set up for single seaters and some 4x4's either if they have selectable 2/4 wheel drive or a locking centre diff. However, although we can develop the engine tuning, we would be unlikely to be able to produce transmission drag values for these 4x4's.

Many road cars are massed produced to last for twenty years with economy and environmental issues as priority. So even on standard road engines there is a lot of tolerance that can be used when the focus is on performance. Especially with the additions of the list at the top of this page.

Any mechanical upgrades that are to be carried out must be done first so that the ignition system and fuelling can be set to match.


We can supply the following:

  • a range of management systems to suit your application from standard set ups to fully mappable 3D systems
  • high lift cams and roller rockers
  • high compression heads and/or pistons
  • big/standard injectors
  • a range of carbs and throttle bodies
  • reconditioned or uprated turbos and anti lag control units to suit.
  • a complete range of NOS systems.
  • flamers, not performance enhancing but good for the ladies!

Before arriving

When booking, let us know your aim for the session or if any parts are to be fitted so we can be sure to have them in.

All the following checks will be made by our technicians to be sure they are all correct. So check them yourself as we would charge dyno rate for any adjustments made.

Fuel: Make sure your car has plenty of the fuel you normally use(unless trying different fuels). It is more likely to be run rich and then refined back towards lean so is naturally going to use more.

Oil: If it consumes oil it is easiest if you bring extra.

Coolant: Shouid not be a problem. We stock most types but just check your hoses. We can do a system pressure check if you require.

Gear/axle oil: You should use your normal oil so that drag co-efficients are correct.

Tyres: We are not keen to dyno forest tyres or soft slicks because of drag variations. Worn road tyres will do just on the drive wheels or ask us, we can probably help.

Camber/tracking: Shouild be as straight as possible.

Strapping points: Usually OK - just bring any removable tow eyes you use.