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At 3D Motorsport our perfectionisms are again shown through the fact that we are one of few motorsport preparation companies to have BS 7748 EMFEC Distinction grade II qualified welders in MIG, TIG, ARC and GAS welding.

It's not just your roll cage that gets welded!


our services
seam welding
spot welding
chemical stripping
damage repair
prototyping & customising
refinishing/ painting
Lightening is of fundamental importance: A lighter car will accelerate, corner and stop quicker. But a quicker engine or big brakes may still not make it quicker through the corners.


If a body shell is flexing the damping of the suspension will not be as precise so geometries and handling will always be affected. Also, over time, the metal will 'work harden', the shell will crack and need repairing or replacing. So to prevent this we can increase the rigidity and handling precision of your car through a combination of seam welding, gusseting, plating and the fitting of a roll cage, it will also absorb the punishment for longer.